Frequently Asked Questions

Getting here

Can I get to Darna Divers Village by public transport? 

Public buses to South Beach depart from the bus stop above Aqaba Castle (near the big flagpole).The fare costs JOD 0.75.There are no dedicated bus stops on the way, the driver will stop wherever passengers want to get on or off. Darna Divers Village is on your left, very visible from the road, AFTER you pass Berenice Beach Club (which is located on the right). 

Please note: there is no published timetable available. The bus runs during the day, about every hour. 

Alternatives:  Usually you can find private minivans around the bus stop and the drivers offer ride to South Beach for around 5 JD which you can share with others. The official green taxis take you from Aqaba downtown to South Beach for 6-7 JOD.

How can I get to Darna Divers Village by car?    

From Aqaba downtown start driving South on the main road (King Hussein Street) following the signs for "South Coast / Saudi Border". Stay on the coastal road (South Beach Hwy on Google Maps), drive pass Berenice Beach Club and Public Beach #3m (the one that has parking lots and buildings on your right) and then make a U-turn when possible. Drive back about 50 meters to Darna Divers Village. You will see it on the corner. 

Tip: do a search on Google Maps for Darna Divers Village. Our GPS co-ordinates are 29∞25'30.12" N and 34∞58'28.79" E

Do you offer Airport Transfers?  

Aqaba airport transfers can be booked online. Click here to book.

Check in policy

I will arrive in the morning. Can I check in earlier? 

Our regular check in time starts from 13.00h. If we are not fully booked the night before and the room is available by the time you arrive, you may check in earlier. If you room is not yet available (we will need time to prepare your room after the previous guest leaves) you may store your luggage with us and use our facilities (swimming pool, restaurant, etc.) or go to the beach while waiting. 

My flight arrives just after midnight. Can I check in at night? 

You can only check in after midnight if your reservation is starting from the day before. Example: if you arrive at 1.00 AM on the 5th May, you must make your reservation from the 4th of May to make sure your room is available for you during that night. We do not have a 24-hour reception, but if you let us know your arrival time in advance, our staff will wait in reception for you.


How is the weather in Aqaba in January / February or any given month of the year?

Thanks to the protection provided by the surrounding mountains and the balancing effect of the Red Sea, Aqaba has balmy winter weather. Even on the coldest days when it's snowing behind the mountains we enjoy 15-20 Celsius during the day. It does get really hot during the summer, over 40 Celsius, but thanks to the constant breeze it is bearable. And, after all, you can always dive into the sea to chill yourself!    

There are many forecast websites and mobile apps to tell you what the weather will be like in the upcoming days. Weather Underground has a great feature called History & Almanac. Here you can check what the weather was like on any given day in the past. This will give you some idea of what the weather might be like when you visit.

Check out our Aqaba Weather page for more details.

Can I dive in January?    

Aqaba is a year-round diving destination; the sea water temperature never gets below 21 Celsius.The sea is the warmest in July-September when a 3-5 mm shorty wetsuit is enough to wear.The rest of the year a full suit is recommended. Please refer to our diving page for a water temperature chart.

Still have questions?


Do you offer discounts for returning guests / groups / students / expats / embassy staff?

Sometimes we do. However, the availability of discounts and special offers depends on many variables; season, occupancy level etc., so please contact us before making a reservation. In your inquiry please indicate the price you found for our rooms on other online booking platforms to make it easier for us to calculate your discount.

Food and Drinks

Do you serve alcohol?

No, we are not licensed to serve alcohol. We only have alcohol-free beer on our menu. However, you can purchase alcohol in town and store it in your refrigerator in your room.

Do you serve Halal / vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free / lactose-free food?

All our food is 100% Halal. We do serve fish, seafood, chicken, lamb and beef in our restaurant but also many kinds of salads and vegetable meals that we believe can be fitted into a vegetarian/vegan diet. For breakfast (included in your room price) we serve Arabic flatbread, boiled eggs, dairy products (yoghurt, cheese, butter), jam, fresh vegetables (tomato, cucumbers), hummus, olives, olive oil, zaatar. These are typical food ingredients in the Jordanian cuisine. 

If you have a serious food allergy or intolerance, please ask our staff about the ingredients used in our meals. 

Tip: there is a Facebook group called Vegans of Amman that you can join and receive information about the vegan food available in Jordan. 


Do I need to obtain a Jordanian visa in advance?

It depends on your citizenship. Most nationals are entitled to get visa on arrival at Jordanian borders/airports. With that said, certain nationalities require an entry visa to be obtained prior to travel. Please check out the Jordan Tourism Board website to see which nationalities require visa clearance. 

If you are entitled to visa on arrival and arrive in Jordan via Amman airport / King Hussein Bridge / Sheikh Hussein Bridge AND stay in Jordan for at least 3 days AND plan to visit Petra, then we recommend you to buy the Jordan Pass online to save money on visa fee and entry fees.

Can I get visa on arrival at the Wadi Araba border?

[Other names for this border crossing: Arava border, Yitzak Rabin border, Eilat-Aqaba border] 

It depends on your nationality. Please check the Jordan Tourism Board website. If you are entitled to get a Jordanian visa on arrival, you will get a free ASEZA visa at the border. 

Conditions of the free visa: 

1. You will have to fill out a Manifest with your details and keep it with you until you depart from Jordan. If you visit Petra, you have to get the Manifest stamped at the Petra Visitor Center.

2. You will have to stay at least 2 consecutive nights in Jordan. 

3. If you leave earlier, without spending 2 nights in Jordan, you will be charged the 40 JOD visa fee upon departure.

Meet & Assist service with transfer from Wadi Araba border can be booked here.

Bathing Suits

What types of bathing suits are allowed on the beaches in Aqaba? Are bikinis for private hotel beaches only?

Although Jordan is a predominately Muslim country, nothing fords you from wearing bikinis on the public beach. If you are a foreign woman, you will get some attention regardless of your bathing suit. It depends on how YOU feel more comfortable. Try to schedule your beach program for working days (Sunday to Wednesday) as there are almost no local people on South Beach that time, only tourists. From Thursday afternoon till Saturday evening many local families visit the public beaches so it might be less comfortable for foreign women.