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Superb Diving!

Aqaba is a great place to dive. Over 20 sites to choose from and many are accessed from shore. The waters are warm and crystal clear with a wide diversity of marine life. Stonefish, lionfish, nudibranchs, octopuses, turtles, crabs and shrimps, and so much more.

Mermaid Diving Center

Ready to see the beauty of the Gulf? 

Mermaid Diving Center at Darna Divers Village offer professional diving services to ensure you are relaxed and can enjoy your time under the water. All our dive gear is in good condition and our equipment is regularly serviced to ensure your dive goes smoothly. Our instructors and guides have been diving these waters for many years and know the sites very well. We will help you choose the best places to dive based on your experience and what you would like to see.


The Aqaba Marine Park in the Gulf of Aqaba is teeming with life. Colorful marine life dot the underwater landscape. Enjoy some of our recent photos here.

Darna Divers Village

Your dive resort in Aqaba

Marine Park

A protected area with about 20 dive sites. The coral reef is a crucial habitat for various fish and aquatic organisms.

Experienced Dive Staff

Mermaid Diving Center caters for all your needs as a diver: from recreational dives to courses. Our passion for diving and experience ensures that you will enjoy safe and comfortable dive holidays with us.

Marine Life in the park

Jordanian waters are home to more than 450 species of fish, and more than 127 types of coral formation. We are passionate about protecting the park and keeping it clean and healthy. We participate in regular dive clean ups with other dive centers.

Shore Dives

Shore dives are easily accessed and most are shallow. We usually don't go deeper than 20 - 30 meters.

Scuba and Snorkeling Prices


35 JOD/$50

Includes full equipment

Dive Guide

Basic training

Transport to site

1 Shore Dive


30 JOD/$42

Shore Dives include:


Dive Guide

Full Equipment

4 or more dives at 25 JOD/ $35 each


Price Varies

Our dive instructors offer SSI courses. Please contact us if interested in taking a course and reserving a spot. Course can take 2 or more days.


10 JOD/$14

Can use equipment all day

Includes mask, fins, & snorkel

Wet suit rental 5 JOD/$7

1 - 1.5 hour guided snorkeling trip 15 JOD/$21/person (all gear included in price)

Aqaba Marine Park

With over 20 to choose from, you can dive several times a day. Most are accessible from shore, while others are only accessed by boat. The water temperatures are good year round, but the summer waters are warm enough to wear a shortie. We have several attractive diving packages for you to choose from.

Red Sea temperatures in Aqaba, Jordan

Not a diver?

Interested in learning more? Why not let us introduce you to the world of diving with a Try Dive. You can also rent snorkel gear from us and head out to the sea. There is much to see right off the shore.

Try Dive

Learn the basics of scuba diving first in the pool and then, if you like, we'll take you out to the sea for a dive.


Rental includes mask, snorkel, and fins. You can also rent a dive suit.


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